Frequently Asked Questions

When can I buy my textbooks?
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  • Students ordering via may begin purchasing books up to two weeks prior to school starting (depends on class start date).
  • Students purchasing books at Campus Stores may begin purchasing books up to two weeks prior to school starting (depends on class start date).
  • Most textbooks for short-term classes are available for purchase one week before the beginning of the first scheduled class meeting.
  • Books will usually be available for preorder on the website a few days after the previous semester's buyback. We will post the exact dates for preorders on the website as they are determined.
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Why is the same book listed several times for my class???
  • New, used and bundled versions of a book will have different ISBNs and they must all be listed as required. When you order from an MCC campus store we will ship you one copy of the book and delete the others from your order.
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Can I purchase my textbooks at any campus?
  • No. Not every campus uses the same book for the same class.
  • Internet classes: Purchase your books online at or at the Business and Technology Campus Store.
  • All other classes: Purchase your books at or from the campus store on the campus at which your class is held.
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If I accidentally purchase the wrong textbook, can I return it?
  • Books can be returned during the first week of class for regular start classes with a valid receipt. Books can only be returned during the second week of class for regular start classes with a valid receipt and proof the class was dropped. Please see the Refund Policy for off schedule class returns.
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When can I sell my textbook back to the Campus Store?
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  • Be sure to check out the Book Buyback page.
  • Student textbook buyback is offered as a service to you and is conducted during finals week of a regular fall, spring, and summer semester.
  • Only books with current market value can be bought back, provided they are in good condition.
  • You may receive up to 50% of the new book price.
  • A wholesale book company may purchase books, for a reduced price, that are no longer needed by MCC, if they have current market value and are in good condition.
  • The Campus Stores have no control over publisher new editions or prices.
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When can I buy my books with Pell Grants or other Financial Aid?
  • You may charge books and supplies after verification of awards has been posted to your account and the information is sent to the bookstore.
  • Check your MetroLink account to see if your award has been posted to your account.
  • Awards will be transferred to the bookstore 2-3 days after they are posted to your account.
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How do I cancel my order?
  • Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled. Please refer to the Refund Policy.
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How do I refund/return an item?
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If I have problems with my order, whom should I contact?
Phone Call
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What is your Refund Policy?
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What are your hours of operation?
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How do I find the textbooks I need for my classes?
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What are "bundles"?
  • Bundles are packages that contain a textbook along with other course material that may assist a student in their studies. These additional course materials may include such items as study guides, CD-Rom software, and pass codes to textbook companion websites. Bundles are typically packaged and stored as a single unit. Opened bundles may not be returnable.
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What is the average price of a used textbook?
  • Used textbooks are typically priced at 75% of the retail price of the new book.
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How do college stores aquire used books?
  • College stores use a variety of methods to secure used books for students. One familiar strategy for obtaining used books is through buyback events, where books are purchased from students for resale. College stores also work with textbook wholesale companies to secure additional copies of used books, or books that may not have been available during their campus' buyback.
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What forms of payment do you accept?
  • The website and each of the Campus Stores accept VISA, MasterCard and Student Financial Aid. For your in-store shopping, Discover and cash are accepted and checks are accepted with proper identification.
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Is it safe to use my credit card or other personal information at
  • Yes. All your login and billing information is sent via encrypted SSL. will never sell or distribute any of your account information to third parties.
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Why can I not find my class section number?
  • There are 3 possible reasons.
    • The section is not offered through this campus. Please order books for internet classes through the Please order all other books through the campus offering the class.
    • The section is a lab. Lab books are included under the lecture section number.
    • The section has been added since enrollment started and the addition has not been made in the system.
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Why do I need to give you my address if I do not want the books shipped?
  • We need general information including your address to set up an account. your books will only be shipped if you select "UPS Ground" on the Shipping Information page during the checkout process. If you select "Store Pickup" they will be held in the store for you to pickup.
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How do I know if my web order has processed?
  • If you see a confirmation number on the confirmation page or receive a confirmation e-mail, your order has been received. You can log into your account to see if any orders have been placed and the status of those orders.
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Why does my book show the cost as zero dollars?
  • Many times we do not have the price of a book until we receive it in the bookstore. We will try to update the price as soon as we know it. Please keep checking back for updates.
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When is the payment applied to my credit card??
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  • The website does not deduct anything from your account at the time your order is placed. Your credit card will not be charged until the books are actually pulled and processed through the register. The total amount on the confirmation receipt may change due to the availability of used books. Your true bill will be reflected when you pick up the books or with the shipment.
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I do not want my books shipped. What do I do?
  • During the check out process you may choose what shipment method you would like. This is found in a drop down menu on the Shipping Information page. It defaults to "UPS" but one of the options is "Store Pickup". Choose this option and you can pickup your order at the bookstore. All preorders must be picked up by the end of the first week of book sales.
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My question is not on this FAQ.
  • Unable to find an answer to your question on this FAQ? Head to the Contact Us page and submit a question there.
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